Rig Direct®

We deliver our renowned quality and
expertise directly to the rig site, saving oil
and gas operators time and money.

Product Portfolio

No matter what your well requires, we can
deliver the products you need from our
domestic manufacturing facilities.
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From drilling to completion, Tenaris can provide:

  • Seamless and welded OCTG
  • TenarisHydril premium connections
  • OCTG accessories
  • Line pipe
  • Sucker rods
  • Coiled tubing
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“Through our complete package of products and services, we can offer a custom solution to tackle any drilling challenge.”
– Afif Najjar, Sales Director- Gulf Coast
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Get schooled!

Explore free courses on steel and
OCTG from TenarisUniversity and edX.
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Not sure where to start?

Sign up for our OCTG Technical Bulletins to gain
a broader understanding of pipe performance.

Technical Consulting

Get customized technical solutions
for US drilling operations.

Team of specially trained engineers.

Providing expert consultancy in string
design and material selection, failure
analysis and training.
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“Our technical sales team is able to walk our customers through the entire well design process in order to optimize their operations.”
– Kathleen Tillman, Technical Sales Engineer
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R&D network.

Five global R&D centers worldwide with more than 360 researchers at your service.
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Achieve exceptional results.

Find out how our technical services helped
Noble in the Niobrara Shale.

Pipe Management

Reliability. Supply. Support.
Peace of mind.

Wherever and
whenever needed.

With seamless and welded mills plus service
centers and commercial offices across the
country, we’ve got you covered.
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Partner with Tenaris to reduce operational
costs through demand planning and
inventory management.


Through the use of the PipeTracer™ app,
operators receive customized and updated
pipe data, doing away with the need for
manual tally and status reports.
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“From our network of manufacturing and service centers to your rig site, Tenaris ensures you receive the right product, at the right place and time, ready to be run in the well.”
– Christopher Lemmer, Logistics Manager
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Try our app.

Interested to learn more about pipe-by-pipe
identification? Download the Pipe Tracer™ app.

Field Services

An extra pair of hands
at your rig site.

Certified technical assistance.

Working side-by-side our customers to
ensure things go smoothly.

Rig Direct® Academy.

Unique, full-scale testing of our products
and training of our team at our facility in
Veracruz, Mexico.
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“By using our field services, operators can rest easy knowing we are onsite to make their operations safer and more efficient.”
– Tyler Goodell, Field Services Coordinator
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Need information about
running Tenaris pipes?

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